Sometimes, there’s nothing like a change of scenery. If you’re in a band, it can shift perspectives and do wonders for the creative process. That certainly proved to be true for Deluka. After four years in Brooklyn New York, the quartet decided to head west and start a new life and, consequentially, another album.

“None of us were particularly happy in New York anymore,” admits frontwoman Ellie Innocenti. “It was claustrophobic and cluttered. We needed to remove ourselves from that situation. We had a band meeting, and we proposed the idea of a West Coast move. Everyone was up for it, so we picked a day, packed our things into one little moving pod, and moved to L.A. The landscape change sparked all kinds of inspiration. We felt at ease here.”

“There was hope and optimism inherent in leaving,” Kris Kovacs concurs. “The band could’ve imploded, but we made a collective choice together. We had gotten a taste of life out there from working at other studios and touring. We just craved a change and a bit of sun. It clearly impacted the songwriting.”

Within days of settling in, Deluka caught a creative wave. Kris and Ellie recorded countless preliminary demos at a home studio so when they officially began working with producer Tim Pagnotta [Neon Trees] in 2013, they had a bevy of music ready to go. Now, 2014′s Bonds EP preserves the band’s artful tapestry of pop, electro, and rock, while embracing an unbridled and uplifting newfound spirit.

“We wanted to make something bigger,” continues Kris. “We wanted anthemic choruses, emotional lyrics, and lush melodies. Everything was lighter and less oppressive in Los Angeles. The size of the musical scope remained the same, but the execution was completely different. It’s like we were holding our breath for years, then we managed to get a breath of fresh air for the first time.”

The first single “Home” captures that spirit. Buzzing synths entwine with soaring guitars as Ellie’s voice immediately captivates during the hook. It’s the perfect introduction to the next phase of Deluka.

“It was more reflective and optimistic,” says the vocalist. “It’s sort of about finding that place where you feel comfortable, whether it be a bunch of people or a new home.

Home doesn’t necessarily mean Birmingham or Los Angeles. It’s like a catch-all for the place you feel at rest.”

At the same time, a dance sensibility punctuates the EP, seizing infectious energy on the likes of “Dead of Night” and “American Skies”. Bonds also lays the groundwork for the release of the band’s long awaited sophomore full-length, Vows.

“People are tied together by different things,” she goes on. “Bonds can be friendship or they can be financial or technical. It has a positive and negative connotation. It leads up to Vows, and I feel like the two go hand-in-hand.” The bonds that shine through most though are the ones that Deluka have forged with the music and their fans. Those will last the longest.

The band built that connection upon relocating from Birmingham UK in 2008. They released 2010′s critically acclaimed debut full-length You Are The Night, toured the country numerous times with high-profile gigs such as Lollapalooza, and accrued a string of placements by the likes of MTV, VH1, Rockstar Games, EA Games, and more in the process. Their fan base remains close to their hearts.

“I want people to feel hopeful when they hear the album,” Ellie concludes. “It’s a note to self to keep going and moving forward. We want that optimism and hopefulness to sonically transport listeners.”